Playlist, Oct 1 2015

First hour:

OFFTHESKY & MAN WATCHING THE STARS  Farewell, Brother  ‘Afar, Farewell’  (Rural Colours)

OFFTHESKY & PLEQ  1. Ashes of America   2.  Hell Bent Down The Ego Hole  ‘A Thousand Fields’   (Infraction)

OFFTHESKY  When To Divide  ‘The Serpent Phase’  (Hibernate)

Roots & Branches:

THE EAST POINTERS  Work That Way  ‘Secret Victory’  (indie)

LOREN KATE  Rollin’ Wheel  ‘Til Night Meets The Sun’ EP  (indie)  AUST  local

BEN SEARCY TRIO  House Rabbit Blues  ‘SCALA: Brighter Than The Sun’  (SCALA)  AUST  local

Cal&Kory oct12015CAL WILLIAMS JR & KORY HORWOOD  interview and live to air songs  1. World Of Stone  2. Gatling Gun  AUST  local  Audio of the 2 songs can be heard again here.

JOHN JONES  1. Jim Jones   2. Banks Of Newfoundland  ‘Never Stop Moving’  (Westpark)

CONCERTO CALEDONIA  Old Sir Simon The King  ‘Purcell’s Revenge: Sweeter Than Roses?’ (Delphian)

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