Playlist, Sept 3 2015

First hour:

RICK WAKEMAN & THE ENGLISH ROCK ENSEMBLE  Music Reincarnate (i. The Warning  ii. The Maker  iii. The Spaceman  iv. The Realisation  v. The Reaper)  ‘No Earthly Connection’  (A&M)

Roots & Branches:

JOHN FLANAGAN  Whatever Makes You Happy  single  (indie)  AUST

JOSEPH MOORE  1. Smile For Me  2. Summer Solstice  ‘Bye Old Heart’ EP  (Open Grave)  AUST  local

SUZANNAH ESPIE  What Would You Say  ‘Mother’s Not Feeling Herself Today’  (Vitamin)  AUST

LOREN KATE  When You Leave  single  (Vitamin)  AUST  local

TIR NA NOG  1. Ricochet  2. Andria  ‘The Dark Dance’  (Tir Na Nog)

TRADarrr  Adieu  ‘Cautionary Tales’  (Hedge Of Sound)

JESS RIBEIRO  Kill It Yourself  single  (Barely Dressed / Remote Control)  AUST

THE TIMBERS  All I’ve Got Time For  single  (indie)  AUST  local

HEATH CULLEN (with The Imposters)  Another Blue World  ‘Outsiders’  (Five By Nine)  AUST

THE WAIFS  6000 Miles  ‘Beautiful You’  (Jarrah)  AUST

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