Playlist, July 9 2015

ALL STRINGS ATTACHED  Sing  ‘All Strings Attached’ EP  (indie)  AUST

Feature rarity:  RICH MOUNTAIN TOWER   1. Uncle Bob White  2.. Circle Sky Moon Mix  3. Thank You Maggie  4. If You Don’t Look Back  5. The Same Thing Applies To Me That Applies To You  ‘Rich Mountain Tower’  (Ovation)  US 1971, remastered 2014

KAURNA CRONIN  1. Lay Your Letters Down  2. Blind  ‘Glass Fool’  (Songs & Whispers)  AUST  local

SIAN EVANS  1. Blackest Crow  2. Take Me Home  ‘How Time Has Treated Thee’  EP  (Beanstalk)  AUST

TWELFTH DAY  1. Curry: Curry Night / Curry Mile  2. Orkney Twister: Terrapin Man / Orkney Twister / Barcelona Batman  ‘Northern Quarter’  (Orange Feather Records)

ZAHATAR  1. Her Two Chairs  2. Felix Gavin’s Reel  3. The Stoness Barn  ‘The Little Country’  (indie)

MY FRIEND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE  1. The Romp  2. My Friend The Chocolate Cake (live)  ‘Parade’  (Liberation)  AUST

ALL STRINGS ATTACHED  Know You Are Alive  ‘All Strings Attached’ EP  (indie)  AUST

ELIZA CARTHY & TIM ERIKSEN   10,000 Miles  ‘Bottle’  (Navigator)

TREMBLING BELLS  The Singing Blood  ‘The Sovereign Self’  (Tin Angel)

THE SILENCE  Götter Im Exil (Gods In Exile)  ‘The Silence’  (Drag City)

TWELFTH DAY  Immense Paul: Immense Paul / Molly / The Road to Errogie  ‘Northern Quarter’  (Orange Feather Records)

JED ROWE  Black Rain  ‘The Last Day Of Winter’  (WJO)  AUST

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