Playlist, July 2 2015

First hour:

EXPEDIZION  1. Expedizion – Fragmented Dreams (Part 1 Germination)  2.  Sixis – Cyclic Time (Expedizion’s Soul Version)  3.  Expedizion – Rooted In Love  4.  Expedizion – Fragmented Dreams (Part 2 Growth)  5.  Expedizion – Fragmented Dreams (Part 3 Blossoming)  ‘Defragmentation’  (Triple Drop Productions)  via Ektoplazm website  6. In A Dewdrop ‘Experiment Remixes’  (Hispanodelicius Records & Planetary Label)

Roots & Branches:

TREMBLING BELLS  Sweet Death Polka  ‘The Sovereign Self’  (Tin Angel)

RICHARD THOMPSON  No Peace, No End ‘Still’  (Fantasy)

SALWAR AZAR  Floating In Milk ‘Black Feather Wooden Chair’  (indie)

JED ROWE  Blindside  ‘The Last Day Of Winter’  (Mountain King Music)  AUST

MCROBIN  1. In  2. Vinegar  ‘Fault Lines’ EP  (indie)  AUST

VANDERLAY  An Afterthought  ‘Vanderlay’  EP  (indie)  AUST

FAIRPORT CONVENTION  1. Ye Mariners All  ‘Tipplers Tales’ (Vertigo)  2. When I Get To The Border  ‘4Play’  (Shirty)  RIP Bruce Rowland.

LOUIS DONNARUMMA  With A Hint Of Light  ‘Hint Of Light’  EP  (indie)  AUST  local

TREMBLING BELLS  O, Where Is Saint George?  ‘The Sovereign Self’  (Tin Angel)

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