Playlist, June 11 2015

GALLEY BEGGAR  Jack Orion ‘Silence And Tears’  (Rise Above)

Feature rarity:  RICHARD FRANKLAND   1. Dark Wind   2. Leroy Silver  3. Malcolm Smith  4. Yesterday’s Dreaming  ‘Down Three Waterholes Road’  (Larrikin)  AUST 1997

Adam & Ben Hooper

Adam & Ben Hooper

GOLDSTEIN  interview with Ben & Adam Hooper about the launch of their brand new CD which they had only picked up earlier the same day!  1. Make It Quick  2. Playing Dog  3. Not Good Enough For This  4. Wayne Arthurs  ‘Playing Dog’  (indie)  AUST  local

BELLOWHEAD  1. Roll Alabama  2. Moon Kittens ‘Revival’  (Mighty Village)

LUCY WISE TRIO  1. Looking Out  2. My Library  ‘A Painting of the Universe’  (indie)  AUST

JESS RIBEIRO  Kill It Yourself  single  (Remote Control)  AUST

JEFF LANG  South  ‘Chimeradour’  (ABC)  AUST

RICHARD THOMPSON  Beatnik Walking ‘Still’  (Fantasy)

FOTHERINGAY  The Sea (live 1970)  ‘Nothing More: The Collected Fotheringay’  (Island)

TREMBLING BELLS  Hallelujah  ‘The Sovereign Self’  (Tin Angel)

CHUMBAWAMBA 1. Idris Strike Song  2. Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire  ‘English Rebel Songs 1381–1984’  (MUTT)

GALLEY BEGGAR  Pay My Body Home  ‘Silence And Tears’  (Rise Above)

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