This week, Goldstein


On the show this week, BEN and/or ADAM HOOPER from GOLDSTEIN will be in the studio for a chat about the band’s new CD ‘Playing Dog’ which will be launched the following night.

When growing up, Ben and Adam Hooper were often accused of “playing dog” – a family slang term for faking to be asleep to avoid household chores.

Now with Australian folk rock band Goldstein, it’s a term the brothers have turned on its head for an energetic and confronting original release.  Goldstein’s Playing Dog is the latest music offering from the ostentatious and award-winning South Australian group.

Featuring songs about relationships, breakdowns, rebound dating and under appreciated Australian sporting stars, it has the band evolving from its more traditional folk roots with a stronger rock influence this time around.

Playing Dog is Goldstein’s fifth album and its first release as a five-piece with the recent addition of Paul Kolomitsev (bass) to the founding foursome of Adam Hooper (lead vocals, accordion, guitar), Ben Hooper (violin), Robin Pratt (lead guitar) and Jeremy Owen (drums).

“This album reflects changing priorities and observations as you move through life,” songwriter Adam says.  “It’s a stack of stories with some life chapters closing and others opening along the way. We’ve also opted to bring out a bit more of the rock in folk rock this time.”

Goldstein will launch ‘Playing Dog’ at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton on Friday June 12 with local supports David Lane and Ruby Taras.  Free entry.

The album will be available from June 12 on itunes and at Clarity Records, Pulteney Street, Adelaide.

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