Playlist, May 28 2015

BELLOWHEAD  Let Her Run ‘Revival’  (Island)

Feature rarity:  FIDDLESTIX  1. House Of Angles  2. Hills Of Girraween  3. Stealing Fire  4. Homeland  ‘Another Angle’ 12″ EP  (Animal Farm Studios)  AUST (Geelong) 1988  Tracks downloadable via

SOFIA TALVIK  Big Sky Country  ‘Big Sky Country’  (Makaki Music)

RUBY BOOTS  1. Cola & Wine  2. Ruby Blue  ‘Solitude’  (Lost Highway Australia)  AUST  * Interview call did not come through as organised *

RICHARD THOMPSON  All Buttoned Up  ‘Still’  (pre-release)  (Fantasy)

BELLOWHEAD 1. Let Union Be   2. Rosemary Lane  ‘Revival’  (Island)

MARIAN HENDERSON  First Boy I Loved  ‘Cameo’  (MCA)  AUST  RIP Marian Henderson

TRAFALGAR  Milkman, Milk Your Cow  ‘Away’  (Walking Bird)  AUST  local

NEIL MURRAY  This Time  ‘The Wondering Kind’  (ABC Music)  AUST

THE YEARLINGS  Plain Gold Ring  ‘All The Wandering’  (Mixmasters)  AUST  local

THE DEMON BARBERS  1. Sally Free And Easy  2. Three Ravens  ‘Disco At The Tavern’  (Demon Barber Sounds)

MZAZA  Fire In My Blood  ‘Ghosts’  (indie)  AUST

THE ASHLEY HUTCHINGS BIG BEAT COMBO  1. The Sherwood Hand Jive  2. Telstar  ‘Twangin’ N’ A-Traddin'”  (HTD)

PETER KNIGHT’S GIGSPANNER  1. Bows Of London  2. Death And The Lady  ‘Layers Of Ages’   (indie)

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