Judy Dyble interview

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.42.34 pmFirstly, thanks to Renee for filling in last show!  This week, we will have a special feature in the form of an exclusive – and extensive – interview with JUDY DYBLE!  Original lead singer of FAIRPORT CONVENTION, Judy has also recorded with TRADER HORNE, GILES GILES & FRIPP and, after a slight hiatus of 30 years or so, returned to recording a decade ago with a series of well received solo albums and a diverse range of collaborations with musicians around the world.

A new 3-CD compilation “Gathering The Threads – 50 Years Of Stuff” has been released that includes many rare and unreleased songs, ranging from her very first group JUDY & THE FOLKMEN in 1964 all the way through to songs destined for the next album.  The focus is generally on the lesser-known and rare material.

In the interview, Judy discusses the compilation and various tracks therein, her memories of Jimi Hendrix and Robert Fripp, the way recording has changed over the decades – and a lot more!  ‘Gathering The Threads’ is available as a limited edition via www.judydyble.com

Interview can be heard here.

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