Playlist, Feb 26 2015

FAIRPORT CONVENTION  Love At First Sight  ‘Myths And Heroes’  (Matty Grooves)

Feature rarity:  BERROGÜETTO   1. Baixando De Ti  2. Samesugas  3. Hebdomadaria  4. Alquimista de soños  5. Azul graso  ‘Hepta’  (Boa Music)  Spain 2001

ROVIANA LAGOON  Graves  single  (The A&R Department)  AUST

WINTERBOURNE  Steady My Bones  ‘All But The Sun’  (Universal)  AUST

RUN RABBIT RUN  Wasted in the Sun  single  (The A&R Department)  AUST

BEN FORD-DAVIES  1. In The City  2. This Road Together  ‘In The City’ EP  (indie)  AUST  local

THE GOOD QUESTIONS  Frozen In Time  ‘Light Place’  (indie)  AUST  local

JO QUAIL  The Hidden Forest Pts 1 and 2  ‘Caldera’  (indie)

FIRST AID KIT  Little Moon  ‘Drunken Trees’  (Jagadamba)

TJINTU DESERT BAND  Tjamuku Ngurra  ‘Tjamuku Ngurra: Grandfather’s Country’  (CAAMA)  AUST

GORDIE MacKEEMAN & HIS RHYTHM BOYS  King Ganam Style  ‘Pickin’ N Clickin’  (indie)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION  1. Grace And Favour  2. Weightless / The Gravity Reel  ‘Myths And Heroes’  (Matty Grooves)

BOILED IN LEAD  The Rushes Green  ‘Silver’  (Omnium)

JULIA JACKLIN  Young Boy Hollywood  ‘Santafel’ EP  (indie)  AUST

RUBY BOOTS  Cola and Wine  ‘Ruby Boots’  EP  (Walking Horse / MGM)  AUST

METSATOLL  Vaid Vaprust (Only Bravery)  ‘Äio’  (Spinefarm)

TURISAS  Sahti-Waari ‘Battle Metal’  (Century Media)

KORPIKLAANI  Rauta  ‘Manala’  (Nuclear Blast Records)

DRAKUM  Around The Oak  ‘Torches Will Rise Again’  (indie)

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