Playlist, Feb 12 2015

BEAR’S DEN  Agape  ‘Islands’  (Dew Process)

Feature rarity:  LENAHAN  1. Geese In The Bog   2. Day Ever Comes   3. Islands In The Storm  4.  Hooligans In Suits  ‘Hooligans In Suits’  (Musikfolk)  US, 1999

GORDIE MacKEEMAN & HIS RHYTHM BOYS  Hay Boys  ‘Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys’  (indie)

LAKE STREET DIVE  Bad Self Portraits  ‘Bad Self Portraits’  (Signature Sounds)

TOUMANI & SIDIKI DIABATE  Rachid Ouigini  ‘Toumani & Sidiki’  (World Circuit)

SOURSOB BOB & EMMA WOOLCOCK  March Of The Mincing Poodle  single  (indie)  AUST  local

Interview with SOURSOB BOB, COURTNEY ROBB & SNOOKS LaVIE  Live to air songs:  1. SOURSOB BOB & SNOOKS La VIE  Do You Have to Turn Your Back and Walk Away Every Time I Walk into the Room?  (audio here)  2.  COURTNEY ROBB  Nothing Left  (audio here)

STRANGE NEW FOLK  Make No Fuss  ‘Strange New Folk’  (Locrian)  AUST  local

FOREVER SON   Ivory Elephant  ‘Trout Fishing’  (indie)  AUST

BOILED IN LEAD  1. Puerto Rican Tune  2.  Gypsy Rover  ‘Alloy 2’  (Omnium)

Interview with PETER TILBROOK and DELTA  (Audio here)  Songs played:  PETER TILBROOK  1. Goodbye My Friend  2. Little Dancing Queen  3. Living In The Sixties  4. Keep Music Live  ‘Living In The Sixties’  (indie)  AUST local  DELTA  A Mad Man Roams Tonight  (feat. Peter Tilbrook)  ‘Pyramid Schemes’  (Obese)  AUST  local

HOWQUA  Time  ‘Naked’   (indie)  AUST

DAVEY CRADDOCK & THE SPECTACLES Better Alone  ‘Better Alone’  (indie)  AUST

R&Bsallstars feb122015L-R:  Soursob Bob, Courtney Robb, Delta, Peter Tilbrook, Snooks LaVie.

An unexpected “all-star” line-up for the show.  The expected guests Soursob Bob & Courtney Robb also brought along Snooks LaVie to add harmonica to one song.  Only a couple of hours earlier, Peter Tilbrook (ex-Masters Apprentices)  dropped off his new CD and accepted the offer to have a chat about it.  His surprise guest was local hip-hop legend Delta who uses one of Peter’s tracks on his latest CD.  So there were two separate combined chats, crossing genres but all working together!


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