The Backyard

The BackyardThere is a new breed of entrepreneur making waves in the Adelaide Music Scene. A Renew Adelaide supported Project, The Backyard at 116 Lipson Street Pt Adelaide will play host to a community of creative entrepreneurs and live gig series this summer. Musicians themselves, Alicia Hettner and Kelly Brouhaha have joined forces to open the creative co-­‐working space and provide an entrepreneurial approach to teaching creative businesses how to get un-­‐stuck and not go broke  – both having learnt the hard way how to make money out of their passions.

Co-­‐Founder Alicia Hettner recounts “It came to a head when I found myself sitting in line waiting for my bag of food from Uniting Care Wesley in Bowden. There was a lady sitting to my right,  someone picking up their bags of food in front of me when a young family came through the door. There were clothes available on a shelf, folded neatly for people to take, for free,  and  the family proceeded to pick up the clothing and toss it to the side and on the floor. I was sitting there with my $5 phone card which could be used at public telephone booths in my hand wondering how I was going to pay back the $47,000 debt I had with no income, couldn’t drive, still needed to set myself up with furniture….  and then I decided that I didn’t belong here, that I knew I was capable of so much more….. So, I got up and left, without my bag of food and I still have that phone card, unused in a little box underneath my bed.”

Through the help of mentors and self-­‐education Alicia now runs multiple successful businesses both as a lifestyle coach and professional musician and will run a series of free workshops in the space over summer.

Permanent office space and hot-­‐desks will be made available to the public from November 20 with the feature space “The Backyard” playing host to a live gig series Sundays throughout December and January. Renewal SA is working with the community to have more people living, working, investing and spending time in the Port and are proud to provide this opportunity with partners, Renew Adelaide.

P. +61 433 912 880

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