Playlist, Sept 25 2014

ANDY PALMER  Take It Down ‘Sometime Around’  (indie)

Feature rarity:  PERNELL ROBERTS   1. The Bold Soldier  2. Sylvie   3. Lily Of The West  4. Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies  ‘Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies’  (RCA)  US, 1963

UNCLE BARD & THE DIRTY BASTARDS   1. Black Sheep   2. Ring Of Fire  ‘Get The Folk Out’  (indie)

LOENED FALL  1. An Daou Gamarad Fidel   2. Al Luton  ‘An Deiziou Zo Berr’  (An Naer)

TRUCE  1. The Big Issue  2. Just Let It Out  ‘Let It All Out’  (indie)  AUST  local

JOE MAN MURPHY  Time  ‘SCALA – Photographs & Memories’  (SCALA)  AUST  local

GREEN TRAMPOLINE  Can’t Bring Myself To Cry  ‘SCALA – Photographs & Memories’  (SCALA)  AUST  local

Live phone interview with MICK THOMAS.   Songs:  1.  WEDDINGS PARTIES ANYTHING  Two Grandfathers  ‘Vandemonian Lags’  (Popboomerang)   2.  MICK THOMAS  It’s Dogherty  ‘Vandemonian Lags’  (Popboomerang)   3.  MICK THOMAS  The Lonely Goth  ‘Anythings, Sure Things And Other Things’  (Liberation)  4.  MICK THOMAS  Port Melbourne Beach  demo from Great Ocean Quarterly website

The audio of the interview can be found at

GREEN MOHAIR SUITS  You’re The Only One Who Broke My Heart  ‘Wooden Duck’  (indie)  AUST

RUBY BOOTS  Cola & Wine  ‘Ruby Boots’  EP  (indie)  AUST

ROBERT PLANT  Little Maggie  ‘lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar’  (Nonesuch)

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