Playlist, Aug 7 2014

First hour:

TAC  (Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata)  1. 30 Giorni Nel Deserto  2. The Wild Shrines Of Dawn  3. La Notte Di Pan   4. Uluru Totem  5. Dirty Star  ‘Apotropaismo’  (Old Europa Cafe)

Roots & Branches:

WHITE OWL  Fifteen Men On A Dead Man’s Chest  ‘Pepper’  (Sketis Music)

PASSENGER  Facebook  ‘Divers and Submarines’  (indie)

RICHARD THOMPSON  1. Galway To Graceland  2. Wall Of Death  ‘Acoustic Classics’  (Beeswing)

POLLY & THE BILLETS DOUX   1. My Father’s House  2. Calico Blankets  ‘Money Tree’  (indie)

ROSE WINTERGREEN  Red Dust  ‘Aurora’  (indie)  AUST

MARK CHADWICK  1. Waterfall  2. Daughter  ‘Moment’  (On The Fiddle Recordings)

TOBIAS HENGEVELD  Alabaster  ‘The Daylight Express’  (indie)  AUST

DAVID ROVICS  Neither King Nor Kaiser  demo  (indie)

WHITE OWL  As I Roved Out Again  ‘Lucid’  (indie)

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