Shirley Collins Kickstarter campaign

ShirleyMain2A lot of material from SHIRLEY COLLINS has been played on the show over the decades – her beguiling and influential work from the 1960s and 70s, either solo or with sister Dolly Collins (Anthems In Eden / Love Death & The Lady et al); the pioneering Folk Roots New Routes LP with Davy Graham; her work with the Albion Band including the seminal No Roses album around which the band was originally formed, etc etc.

Shirley has recently returned to live performance in the UK after 30 or more years’ hiatus.  To celebrate, a new film entitled “The Ballad Of Shirley Collins” is in the process of being made, and this is where you can help!  It’s a Kickstarter campaign that runs until July 22, with various incentives to participate.  As stated on

“Partly inspired by her beguiling autobiography America Over the Water, the film will retell the tale of the famous song-collecting trip she took around the Deep South of America with legendary field-recordist Alan Lomax – a trip on which they uncovered and documented the music that would later inspire the soundtrack to the Coen Brothers’ O Brother Where Art Thou. 

But the real story is more fascinating than the myth. We will blend the story of the trip with a celebration of her role in the folk revival of the 50s, 60s and 70s, when – amongst many other achievements – she and her sister Dolly produced  the era’s most defining monuments in their seminal albums Anthems in Eden and Love, Death and the Lady. Largely forgotten outside hardcore folk circles due to her enforced absence from the world stage, the film will also reclaim Shirley and her sister’s contribution to music for posterity.”

The Kickstarter link also has a short preview of the documentary.  See that and the following links for more details of the film and the upcoming Shirley Collins tribute album – and then please donate what you can to be part of this important venture.




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