This week, a bit different

On the show this week – well, we’ll all find out together! The lurgy that was starting to take hold last Thursday has well and truly done so. So R&Bs shall have a special guest host for (presumably) this week only…  Do tune in; I know I will be!

Other things to be getting on with –



PETER KNIGHT, erstwhile violinist with Steeleye Span for around 45 years and now focussing on the group GIGSPANNER mentions a new demo recording he’s recently put online:

Gigspanner have been working on new material, including a song that is perfect for us. It is a song that we have searched for. It is a song that my wife Deborah found. It is a song that is sung and performed by Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson, and transformed by Norma into something intriguing, in the way that only she can. It is a tune that is perfect for Roger to play, and the tune inspires a bluesy feel. It is called ‘Death and The Lady’ a song collected by Cecil Sharp.

We have a ‘first rehearsal’ recording for reference that has been loaded onto Soundcloud, so that you can hear it before we record it proper. A chance for you to hear the seed of the idea before it blossoms into a fully mature piece of work.

I have also been waiting to find a song that I can play my Octave fiddle with the Rat pedal as in ‘Bonny Black Hare’. This is the one. “

Also, following on from the couple of Jim Keays tracks played on the show last week, ex-Masters Apprentices guitarist PETER TILBROOK has recently written and recorded the song “Goodbye My Friend” in tribute to his fallen bandmate:

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