Playlist, May 8 2014

THE SOUTHWICKS  Euphoria  ‘Euphoria’  (indie)  AUST

Feature rarity:  JONATHAN ROUND  1.  In Question Of The Unicorn  2. Tolu  3. Young Sadie (Dancing Lady)  ‘Jonathon Round’  (Westbound)  US 1971

THE TIMBERS  Something To Do  ‘Lawless’  (indie)  AUST  local

BUDDAH IN A CHOCOLATE BOX  My Desiree  ‘The Feast EP’  (indie)  AUST

JEFF LANG  Petra Goes To The Movies  ‘I Live In My Head A Lot These Days’  (ABC)  AUST


Topic logoTOPIC RECORDS 75th Anniversary special / Illustrated discography:

DAVY GRAHAM  Angi  ‘3/4 AD’ EP

RAY & ARCHIE FISHER  The Twa Corbies  ‘Far O’er The Forth’ EP

IAN CAMPBELL  Old Horse Shanty  ‘Farewell Nancy: Sea Songs and Shanties’

MARTIN CARTHY  Lord Franklin  ‘Second Album’

THE WATERSONS  Thirty Foot Trailer  ‘The Watersons’

ANNE BRIGGS  Go Your Way  ‘Anne Briggs’

SHIRLEY & DOLLY COLLINS  Gilderoy  ‘For As Many As Will’

NIC JONES  The Flandyke Shore  ‘Penguin Eggs’

BRASS MONKEY  The Old Grenadier  ‘Brass Monkey’

ALBION BAND  Rambleaway   ‘1990’

JOHN TAMS  Unity – Raise Your Banners High  ‘Unity’ 

STEVE ASHLEY  Say Goodbye  ‘Everyday Lives’  

e2k  Dealing With History  ‘If Not Now’

NORMA WATERSON & ELIZA CARTHY  Poor Wayfaring Stranger   ‘Gift’

Martin Carthy show plug

MARTIN & ELIZA CARTHY  The Queen Of Hearts  ‘The Moral Of The Elephant’


WENDY RULE  A Will Of Its Own  ‘Black Snake’  (indie)  AUST

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