Playlist, Jan 2 2014

OMNIA  The Raven  ‘Alive!’  (PaganScum)

SUPERSILLYUS  1. Palindromeda  2. Interabang  3.  The Silly Revolution  ‘Interabang’  (Ektoplazm)

OMNIA  I Don’t Speak Human  ‘Musick and Poetree’  (PaganScum)

MO KENNEY  The Great Escape  ‘Mo Kenney’  (New Scotland / Pheromone)

LINDA THOMPSON  1. Love’s For Babies And Fools  2.  Never Put To Sea  ‘Won’t Be Long Now’  (Pettifer Sounds)

ADRIAN ROYE & THE EXILES  1. Plastic Bag Goldfish  2. I Claim You  ‘Reclaimed’  (indie)

COUNTRY RADIO  Gypsy Queen   ‘Silver Roads’  (Warners)  AUST

THE DINGOES  Starting Today   ‘Silver Roads’  (Warners)  AUST

GARY YOUNG & HOT DOG  Rockabilly Beatin’ Boogie Band  single (Wizard)  AUST

ARIEL  It’s Only Love  ‘Ariel Aloha / Live! More From Before’  (Sandman)  AUST

ZEPTEPI  The Swiftsure  ‘Coming Up For Air’  (Probe One Music)  AUST

THE STILLSONS  Break And Keel  ‘Never Go Your Way’  (Mountain King Music)  AUST

DAVID BRIDIE  Port Resolution  ‘Wake’  (Bridie Music)  AUST

BRENTON MANSER & CAITLYN  Acting Retired  ‘The Edge Of Forgiveness’  (indie)  AUST  local

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