Playlist, Oct 31 2013

MORIARTY  Matty Groves  ‘Fugitives’   (Air Rytmo)

MULBERRY BEND – Arms Of The Devil  ‘Mulberry Bend’ (AUM PR)  AUST

WEATHERED  Coast  ‘Coast’  (The A&R Dept)  AUST

BRITTLE SUN – Shipwreck  ‘Brittle Sun’  (indie)  AUST


Bart Thrupp playing live to air.

BART THRUPP  1.  Everything You Own single  (Footstomp Music)  2.  interview with live to air songs  The Backup Song / My Mate The Sun  3.  Monkey King  single  (Footstomp Music)  AUST

URBAN GUERILLAS  Ballad Of Ned Kelly  single  (indie)  AUST

MUTINY  These Streets  ‘Drink To Better Days’  (ABC Music)  AUST

THE LITTLE STEVIES   Diamonds For Your Tea  ‘Diamonds For Your Tea ‘  (Love Your Records)  AUST

BATTLEFIELD BAND  1. Bagpipe Music  ‘Room Enough For All’  (Temple)  2.  pre-recorded interview with producer / manager ROBIN MORTON  3.  That’s How Strong My Love Is / The Water Is Wide  ‘Line-Up’  (Temple)   4.  Tynes In Overtime!  ‘Room Enough For All’  (Temple)

Feature rarity:  FORGOTTEN FISH MEMORY ORCHESTRA  1.  Hu Dy Da  ‘The Bicycle Lesson’  (indie)  2.  Mexican Day Of The Funeral  ‘Iron Shoes’   (prob Netherlands)

NATALIE MERCHANT  Man In The Wilderness  ‘Leave Your Sleep’  (Nonesuch)

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