The feature in the next R&Bs will be spread into (at least) a couple of sections.  As those who ever listened to the show “Obscured By…” will know, one of my other main musical interests is Australian rock of mainly the 1960s and 70s.  Many such acts recorded at least one or two traditional tracks in then-contemporary style.  Some of these even pre-date what we now know as “folk rock” but would still fall into that category, even if it was a deviation for the bands concerned, rather than a style they pursued.

Therefore, I’m in the process of collating a number of these tracks, and there are actually more than I realised, especially adding a couple of overseas ones!  I’ll whittle it down to a manageable number so we can fit in plenty of other, more recent music too.  But here’s a preview of what I mean – Australian band The Purple Hearts from 1966 with their wild version of the US prison song Early In The Morning:

And an authentic recording of the song it’s based on:

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