Playlist, June 27 2013

Lady Maisery

Lady Maisery

ADRIAN ROYE & THE EXILES  Plastic Bag Goldfish  ‘Reclaimed’  (pre-release)

Feature rarity:  PHØNIX  1. En Vinterdag  2. Storm Polsk   3. Score-schottish  4. Den Ubeslutsomme  ‘Udbrud’  (indie)  (Denmark 1997)

STEPH MILLER & THE WINTER STATION  Christmas Day In Sydney Town  single (pre-release)  AUST

THE DARLING DOWNS  Saved  ‘In The Days When The World Was Wide’  (pre-release)  AUST

ISAAC GRAHAM  Hearts Convulse  ‘Glorious Momentum’  (indie)  AUST

LADY MAISERY  1. The Grey Selkie  2. Crow On The Cradle  ‘Mayday’  (RootBeat)

ELIZA CARTHY  1. The Rose & The Lily  (The Cruel Brother)  2.  Rolling Sea  ‘Wayward Daughter’  (Topic)

CHENG YU  Flute And Drum At Sunset  ‘Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin’  (ARC Music)

MONKEY PUZZLE TREE  Firefly  ‘Praeda Maris’  (indie)  AUST  local

FOLK ERROR  Magyarbodogei Galambozó  ‘Folk Error’  (indie)

ADRIAN ROYE & THE EXILES  1. The Calling  2. Cold War  ‘Reclaimed’  (pre-release)

ISAAC GRAHAM  Karolin  ‘Glorious Momentum’  (indie)  AUST

THE CAT EMPIRE  Am I Wrong  ‘Steal The Light’  (Two Shoes)  AUST

UNDERLANDER  The Chinamen  ‘Treason Songs’  (indie)  AUST

MUSTERED COURAGE  My Hometown  ‘Powerlines’  (indie)  AUST

MEAN MARY  Iron Horse  ‘Year Of The Sparrow’  (indie)

CHENG YU  White Snow In Sunny Spring   ‘Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin’  (ARC Music)

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