Playlist, June 13 2013

ELIZA CARTHY  Great Grey Back  ‘Wayward Daughter’  (Topic)

Feature rarity:  SWORDEDGE  1. Rosemary Lane  2. The Pavement Artist  3. Green Fields Of America  4. No Pain  ‘Swordedge’  (indie)  UK, 1980

DEL BARKER  Into The Storm  single  (indie)  AUST

MUSTERED COURAGE  Behind The Bullet  ‘Powerlines’  (indie / Heapsaflash)  AUST

CASH SAVAGE & THE LAST DRINKS  I’m In Love  single  (indie / Heapsaflash)  AUST

IRON & WINE  Baby Center Stage  ‘Ghost On Ghost’  (4AD)

Martin Carthy show plug

WATERSON:CARTHY  The Forsaken Mermaid  ‘Eliza Carthy: Wayward Daughter’  (Topic)

THE IMAGINED VILLAGE  Space Girl  Eliza Carthy: Wayward Daughter’  (Topic)

DAVID BRIDIE  pre-recorded interview and tracks from ‘Wake’ (Bridie Music): 1. Dr Seuss Is Painting In The Sky  2. Old Lovers  3. You’re No Flower  4. Delegate  The audio of the chat is in the Interviews section of this blog.  AUST

David Bridie show plug

LOS PAKINES  Tomalo O Dejalo  ‘The Rough Guide to Latin Psychedelia’  (Rough Guide)

LOS TEXAO  La Pelea Del Gobernador  ‘The Rough Guide to Latin Psychedelia’  (Rough Guide)

ELIZA CARTHY  Adieu Adieu  ‘Wayward Daughter’  (Topic)

ELIZA CARTHY & THE KINGS OF CALICUTT  Good Morning Mr Walker  ‘Wayward Daughter’  (Topic)

AUTUMNAL  Bamboozle  ‘Confess The Fire’   (Isolation)  AUST

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