Playlist, June 6 2013

First hour:

“THROUGH THE AFTERLIFE” compilation (Silent Existence)  1. SHUNYA  Deep States (Revisited)  2. KANKA  Mira  3. NO ROOM  Made In Rainy  4. ALREADY MAGED  Sulphur And Mercury  5. DOHM  Silent Existence

Roots & Branches:

THE STILLSONS  Feel So Young  ‘Never Go Your Way’  (pre-release mp3)  AUST

underlanderUNDERLANDER  1. Tie Me To The Mast  2. Jim Jones At Botany Bay  ‘Treason Songs’  (indie)  AUST

DAVID BRIDIE  Treason  ‘Wake’  (Bridie Music)  AUST

EWAN McLENNAN  The Last Bird To Sing  ‘The Last Bird To Sing’  (Fellside)

ROSIE EADE  Queen Of The Tower  ‘No Fairytale’  (indie)

MARTIN HARLEY BAND  Cardboard King  ‘Mojo Fix’  (60/20)

FEROCIOUS DOG  The Glass  ‘Ferocious Dog’  (indie)

MONKEY PUZZLE TREE  Spoilia Oceani  ‘Praeda Maris’  (indie)  AUST  local

WILEY RED FOX  I Don’t Remember  ‘Wiley Red Fox’ EP  (indie)  AUST

DEAD CAN DANCE  Host Of Seraphim  ‘In Concert’  (PIAS)




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