Playlist, May 30 2013

WINGDALE COMMUNITY SINGERS  White Bike  “Night, Sleep, Death”  (Drag City)

ONE TIME SYNCOPATED CODPIECEFeature rarity 1: ONE TIME SYNCOPATED CODPIECE  1. Portland Town  2. Last Train And Ride  3. Play With Fire  “…Once More With Feeling”  (HAS)  UK, c1971

PHIL ODGERS (with Eliza Carthy & John Jones)  Dusty Fields  “The Godforsaken Voyage”  (Vinyl Star)

TYDE  The Hidden Spoon  “The Hidden Spoon”  (Mondo Tunes)

MOCKINGBIRD HILL  One Horse Town  “One Horse Town”  (Mad Ears)

KAREN RUIMY  Traveller  “Come With Me”  (Karais)

THE TIMBERS  1. Wrong Company  2. Dance  3. Bound For South Australia  live at the Governor Hindmarsh, May 26 2013 (exclusive) – audio in the On Stage section of this blog.  AUST  local

DAVID BRIDIE  Dr Seuss Is Painting In The Sky  “Wake”  (Bridie Music)  AUST

DANIEL CHAMPAGNE  Heart Like This  “The Gypsy Moon”  (indie)  AUST

TRAVELLER & FORTUNE  Little Plastic People  “Little Plastic People” EP  (indie)  AUST  local

US naval stationFeature rarity 2:  COFFEE HOUSE 1 – US NAVAL STATION, ROTA, SPAIN” compilation   1. LUISA GINER – The Endless Trip  2. FRED POTTS – Following Rainbows  (RPC)  US, 1976

DR HOOK  The Wild Colonial Boy  single  (Mercury)

WINGDALE COMMUNITY SINGERS  Night, Sleep, Death & The Stars  “Night, Sleep, Death”  (Drag City)

DEAD CAN DANCE  1. Kiko  2. Lamma Bada  “In Concert”  (PIAS)

THE WOLVES  All The Great Lakes  “Brighter Later”  (indie)  AUST

MONKEY PUZZLE TREE  Oberon’s Garden  “Praeda Maris”   (indie)  AUST  local

DAVID BRIDIE  Delegate  “Wake”  (Bridie Music)  AUST

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