On the show this week

IMG_4450aLots of interesting stuff!

For a start, exclusive tracks from THE TIMBERS‘ set at the Daybreak Music Festival last weekend.  These are also up on the blog at https://rootsandbranchesaustralia.wordpress.com/on-stage/the-timbers-2013/ if you’d like to preview or re-hear them.

Feature rarity?  Hard to describe.  A six-piece band from the UK in 1971, with the unique name ONE TIME SYNCOPATED CODPIECE.  Their only LP “Once More With Feeling” shows them to be sort of psych-folk, sort of jugband, a little traditional… and worth hearing after all these years.

Back up to date again, and intelligent lyrics combine with captivating music on a couple of new releases.  First, the new DAVID BRIDIE CD ‘Wake’ (he’s in town to play the Gov on Friday June 14 – possible interview on the show before then), and the fascinating  WINGDALE COMMUNITY SINGERS (US). Their blurb describes them in general terms: “First convened in 2003 to take a whack at crafting a repertoire of unkillable songs. The group brings together the criminally underrated songwriter and vocalist Hannah Marcus (last heard solo on the 2003 album Desert Farmers, made in collaboration with members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor), writer Rick Moody (best known for his novels The Four Fingers of Death, Purple America, and The Ice Storm, as well as the recent non-fiction collection On Celestial Music), and the guitarist and Gastr del Sol and Red Krayola alum David Grubbs. “Night, Sleep, Death” adds another Brooklyn-based lyricist to the group, Walt Whitman, whose poetry forms the basis of a three-song Whitman sampler at the center of the album, including the title song (approximately), “Night, Sleep, Death, and the Stars.”

And more yet to be decided / discovered!

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