Playlist, May 9 2013

COUNTRY RADIO  Gypsy Queen  single (Infinity)  AUST  RIP Greg Quill

Feature rarity: TABLATURA  1. Children Children  2. Las Cantigas de Santa Maria  3. La Mourisque  4. Arlequin  ‘Tablatura 3’  (Kitty)  Japan, 1990

ANDREW KING  The Three Ravens  ‘Deus Ignotus’  (Epiphany)

LISSA SCHNECKENBURGER  1. Tunnel Of Love  2. Crimson & Clover  ‘Covers’  (pre-release)

BRILLIG  1. Port Misery  2. Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder  3. Assorted Fate  4. Emily Of The Grace  live, Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide, May 4 2013  (exclusive; audio in On Stage section of blog)   AUST  local

TRAVELLER & FORTUNE  1. Little Plastic People  2. Letter To Japan (live)  ‘Little Plastic People’ EP  (indie) AUST  local

LUCIE THORNE  Shot In The Dark  ‘Where The Night Birds Call’  (Vitamin)  AUST

ANDREW KING  Judas  ‘Deus Ignotus’  (Epiphany)

BOB BROZMAN   1. Love In Vain  2. Hawaiian cowboy music etc.  live, Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide April 4 2004  (exclusive)  RIP Bob Brozman

ROUND MOUNTAIN  1. Coffee  2. Come To The Garden  ‘The Goat’  (pre-release)

THE HUSHES  John The Revelator  ‘Sunlight & Fire’  (indie)  AUST  local

ANDREW KING  The Wife Of Usher’s Well ‘Deus Ignotus’  (Epiphany)

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