Playlist, Mar 7 2013

GAS  Experiments On Live Electricity  ‘Gas 0095’  (Microscopics)

“Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2′ compilation (Soul Jazz) : 1. A.R. & MACHINES – Globus   2. CAN – Halleuwah  3. ROEDELIUS – Le Jardin   4. MICHAEL ROTHER – Karussell   5. POPUL VUH – Der Grosse Krieger

RUSSELL MORRIS  The Drifter  ‘Sharkmouth’  (Ambition)  AUST   rmorris sharkmouth

BLACK FLOWERS  1. Polly On The Shore  2. Sweet Rivers Of Redeeming Love  ‘I Grew From A Stone To A Statue’  (Bo’ Weavil)

TREMBLING BELLS  How Much Cruelty Can You Take?  outake, mp3 via

SOUAD MASSI  Everything I Love  ‘O Houria’  (Wrasse)

VOLATINSKY TRIO  Vostochny-Zapednie  (East-West) ‘Troika’  (indie)  AUST

EAST JOURNEY  Guwak  ‘Guwak’  (indie)  AUST

RICHARD THOMPSON  1. Stony Ground  2. Stuck On The Treadmill  ‘Electric’  (Proper)

CHRIS SMITHER  All We Need To Know  ‘Hundred Dollar Valentine’  (Signature Sounds)

SISTER ROSE  Passage Of Arms  single  (indie)  AUST  local

RUSSELL MORRIS  ‘Bout To Break   ‘Sharkmouth’  (Ambition)  AUST

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