Playlist, Feb 7 2013

[First hour]

KAMINANDA  1. Pele’s Breath  2.  Peace Mala  3.   As Above So Below  ‘Gateways Of Consciousness’  (mp3 via Ektoplazm)

ZOE KEATING  1.  Legions (War)   2. Terishead  3.  Sun Will Set  ‘One Cello x16: Natoma’  (indie)

KAMINANDA  S’elf Power  ‘Gateways Of Consciousness’


ZEPTEPI  Haul Away Joe  download only single  via  AUST

SWAMP THING  pre-recorded interview with Michael Barker.  Music:  1. Balladeer  2. Danger Money  3. Bones  ‘Balladeer’   (Vitamin)

RED SHOES  The Last Dance  ‘All The Good Friends’  (Cedarwood)

BRILLIG  Most Unlucky Of The Lucky Deer  ‘Most Unlucky Of The Lucky Deer’  (indie)  AUST  local

BEARDED GYPSY BAND  Hungarian Holiday  ‘Live At The Wheatsheaf Hotel’  (indie)  AUST  local

CHRIS SMITHER  On The Edge  ‘Hundred Dollar Valentine’  (Signature Sounds)

VILLAGERS  In A New Found Land You Are Free   ‘Awayland’  (Domino/EMI)

ZEPTEPI  Coming Up For Air  download only single   AUST

JORDIE LANE  Fool For Love  single  (Vitamin) AUST

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