Ends of eras

IMG_3584aAs mentioned on air, the Jan 31 show was the last at the station’s premises at Stepney.  From next week, 3D will be at their new abode around the corner on Payneham Road.  So for posterity and maybe interest’s sake, I took this snap on the night so everyone can see what the studio was like all those years R&Bs went to air there!  (click to enlarge)

I’ve also either hinted or mentioned several times about changes to Roots & Branches itself.  The way it’s heading is that: a) Roots & Branches will continue indefinitely in the form of this blog.  New material in terms of interviews, live recordings and more – possibly exclusive playlists and who knows what else – will continue here.  Available 24/7!

(The idea is for the blog to be explored, as there are various exclusive components scattered around the place.)

b) In terms of radio, I’m planning to cut back to an extent.  There are a couple of possibilities at least where I can continue on air on a part-time basis, to still play all the “folk, roots & related” material you’ve come to expect.  But I won’t say more until that path is a little clearer.  It’s all falling into place pretty easily so far, though.

Such is the plan.

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