Playlist, Jan 3 2013

Feature CD, first hour:  SPACE STATION  ‘Transmission’

CATSELF  Consolation Asteroid  mp3

AGNES KAIN  Disguise  ‘Before We Finally Meet’  (Half A Cow)  AUST

YOURS TRULY  Say Goodbye  ‘Very Together’  (indie)  AUST  local

BRILLIG  The Hearse Song (live)  ‘Most Unlucky Of The Lucky Deer’  (indie)  AUST  local

BEN SOLLEE  The Globe  ‘Inclusions’  (indie)

THE LUMINEERS  Stubborn Love  ‘The Lumineers’  (Rogue)

FATHER JOHN MISTY  Only Son Of The Ladies Man  ‘Fear Fun’  (Sub Pop / Inertia)

XAVIER RUDD  3 Roads  ‘Spirit Bird’  (SaltX / Universal)  AUST

GANGSTAGRASS featuring R-SON  Gunslinging Rambler  ‘Rappalachia’ (Rench Audio)

(including a few more of the favourites of 2012)

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