Playlist, Nov 29 2012

JAMES KENYON  Red Wine  ‘The North Pole’  (Vitamin) AUST

Feature rarity:  SANDY BRECHIN  1. The Drink’s Set  (Breakfast At Tiffany’s / Apricot Brandy / The Ensign)  2. A Strathspey And Two Reels (Roddy’s Last Trip / Highly Strung / Sonically Justified)  3.  It’s Accordion Music Jim, But Not As We Know It (Tommy Peoples / The Stoppy Bellows / The Masochist’s Waltz)  4. The Last St Bernard’s Waltz  (The St Bernard’s Waltz / The Last Waltz)  ‘Out Of His Box’  (Brechin All)  Scotland, 1996

MONKEY PUZZLE TREE  Reverie  ‘Villanelles‘ (indie)  AUST  local

LISA MILLER  Wipe The Floor  ‘Meet The Misses’  (Inertia)  AUST

BEN SOLLEE  Close To You  ‘Inclusions’  (Tin Ear)

THE TIGER AND ME  A Want That You Wouldn’t  ‘The Drifter’s Dawn’  (Four Four)  AUST

ARCHIE ROACH with Paul Kelly  We Won’t Cry  ‘Into The Bloodstream’  (Liberation)  AUST

MARY WEBB  Sun  ‘Preloved Folk’  (indie)  AUST local

LUCY WARD  1. Alice In The Bacon Box  2. Maids When You’re Young  ‘Adelphi Has To Fly’  (Navigator)

RED SHOES  Sunday Afternoon  ‘All The Good Friends’  (Pledge)

IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP  Dirty Old Town  ‘New Electric Muse II’  (Castle Communications)

ANNE BRIGGS  Go Your Way New Electric Muse II’  (Castle Communications)

DRANSFIELD  It’s Dark In Here  New Electric Muse II’  (Castle Communications)

MARTHA TILSTON  Submarine (Lifeboat For The Soul)  ‘Machines Of Love & Grace’  (Squiggly)

JAMES KENYON  The Calder  ‘The North Pole’  (Vitamin) AUST

SAM BRITTAIN  A Perfect Line  ‘Our Shining Skin’  (Sliding Door)  AUST  local

TEXAS TEA  I Love You Like I Love This Black Eye  ‘Sad Summer Hits’  (Merenoise)  AUST

JAMES THOMSON  Morgan’s Song  ‘James Thomson’  (Laughing Outlaw)  AUST

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